Committee Info Social

Do you want to expand your network, boost your CV and have a great time with fellow students at the MARUG? Become an active member!

"The MARUG offers you the opportunity to organise events yourself in one of our committees to gain relevant experience in organising events. Being in a committee means that you will get in touch with many students and companies, but above all, you will have an amazing time at the MARUG. An active membership is not only focused on your professional development, it’s more! Enthusiastic active members are very important for a study association. That’s the reason why the MARUG organises several activities for her active members, such as the active members weekend, the active members barbecue, and once a committee is done they receive a dinner with the MARUG board as a sign of gratitude."

Are you interested in becoming active or do you want to get more information about our committees or being an active member at the MARUG? Join our Committee Info Social on the 29th of September from 19:00 till 20:00 at 't Vaatje. Here you can have a drink with former committee members and they can tell you all about being active at the MARUG! 

If you are not able to join the Committee Info Social, but still interested in doing a committee, click on this link or contact An at 0639868202.