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Sustainable Marketing Event 2022

Beyond Green Marketing: People, Planet, Purpose. 

For the Sustainable Marketing Event we invited three companies from different industries to talk about their solutions for sustainable business & marketing practices. We are proud that the following companies will attend our event: Vandebron, Teym & Tenzing 

Our event is a great opportunity to gain first-hand solutions from sustainable businesses and to learn why sustainable marketing is one of the leading trends now and in the future! You will also have the possibility to network and connect with the companies and other sustainable-minded students. 

You, as participants, are more than welcome to engage in interactive discussions with the speakers and the moderator. Enjoy a welcome drink and a sustainable tasty dinner.

The Sustainable Marketing Event Committee is looking forward to meeting you in person at the event! The event will take place on the 11th of May.

The event will take place from 16:45 till 22:00. Tickets cost only 5 euros for members and 8 euros for non-members. Dinner is included. Sign up now!


TENZING natural energy 

TENZING provides customers with a new and natural way to energize themselves. This is 100% plant-based, low in calories, and sustainable. 

Energy as it should be! We're proud to be a drink, and a business, making a difference to people and the planet. We don't want to be just the new way to energize yourself: we want to inspire other brands to take action, for nature's sake. In 2020, we've discovered Carbon Cloud: this platform helps us calculate, track & minimize the carbon footprint of our products. Knowing our carbon footprint is the first step in minimizing our impact on the planet. We’ve become the world’s first carbon-negative energy drink by reducing our emissions and offsetting more than we emit. However, this is still the tip of the iceberg for us…


Over the years, fashion has evolved into a mega-industry. Spawning unfair and unsustainable systems of production, it has now reached a breaking point where many consumers refuse to look away. We asked ourselves how we could be part of the industry without taking part in destructive practices and decided to follow 4 Golden Rules:

  1. Make a product last. Putting quality and design first is the core of sustainability

  2. Slow and steady wins the race. One impeccable wardrobe, no overhyped collections

  3. Made in Europe only. A healthy work environment and fair wage for the people we work with is a must, not a plus

  4. Always a fair price. You pay for the quality of the product itself, not for the marketing machine around it

We are Vandebron

Vandebron is the challenger within the Dutch energy market and is there to ensure radical transparency. At Vandebron you choose from whom you buy energy and where your money goes. We are pioneers, because at Vandebron we develop smart energy applications such as 100% green and smart charging. As an innovative Tech Scale-up, we strive to make the energy market even more sustainable. Our mission is crystal clear: 100% sustainable energy in the Netherlands as quickly as possible.