General information

Due to corona and the increasing pressure to perform, more and more students are experiencing mental health issues. As a study association, we consider this a major problem and we want to be there for our students. At this page you can find more information about our own confidential counselor and some useful information of the University of Groningen.

MARUG confidential counselor

The MARUG has its own confidential counselor (vertrouwenspersoon). 
If you are struggling with something, mentally, physically or MARUG related, our confidential counselor can help you further or just offer a listening ear.

The MARUG confidential counselor is An de Lang, our internal relations.
As an internal relations, An has great integrity and is a very good listener.
Furthermore, An followed a course about the different aspects of being
a confidential counselor, together with all confidential counselors of the Faculty of Economics and Business. 

Feel free to contact An via +31 6 39868202 if you feel the need to talk to an independent person. Whatever you are struggling with, the MARUG is there for you!

University of Groningen

Besides the MARUG, the university is also actively involved in reducing the mental health problems among students. Via this link you will find useful information that the University of Groningen offers.