General Description || Germany Inhousetour 2017

General Description

The Germany Inhousetour is an excellent opportunity for both Dutch and international students to visit the offices of international operating companies and marketing agencies. This is the perfect chance for you to learn about the companies, the daily business of their marketing departments and their job opportunities. You can also get into contact with recruiters, apply your gained marketing knowledge in case studies, or ask specific questions to the companies. A number of students, selected based on their cv, will be able to exploit this opportunity. Besides visiting companies, you will also have the chance to explore beautiful cities in Germany.

Germany Inhousetour 2017

This year, it was the first time that we organised the Germany Inhousetour. In this first edition, the beautiful cities of Düsseldorf and Cologne were visited. The tour took place from the 10th until the 13th of May. During the four-day trip, the headquarters of trivago and Douglas as well as the offices of the agencies thjnk (with clients such as Audi, Commerzbank, IKEA, McDonald’s, and Adidas) and Publicis Pixelpark (with clients such as Maggi, Renault, and Mercedes-Benz) were visited. Besides the visits, there was also the opportunity to explore the two beautiful cities and to do some fun activities. The costs of the tour were €75. This includes all the transport to and within Germany, accommodation (3 nights incl. breakfast), and some activities.


Have you ever wondered how it is to work at a large and international operating company? Are you interested to see what the daily business in an agency looks like? Do you consider to start working in Germany after finishing your studies? Then the Germany Inhousetour gives you the optimal opportunity to get to know some great companies and agencies and establish valuable contacts for your career which could be the key to a future job.

The Germany Inhousetour 2018 will take place from the 10th until the 12th of May.