This event is accessible only for (pre-) MSc Marketing students

Omschrijving || Master Marketing Seminar 2017 


The Master Marketing Seminar is an event for all (pre-)MSc Marketing students. Every year, the Master Marketing Seminar presents an underexposed theme within marketing. It tries to highlight a lesser known, but still important subject within marketing. The event consists of an evening of lectures from interesting speakers. The event includes dinner and drinks. The Master Marketing Seminar is organized by the Master Marketing Team. This is an English-speaking event.

Master Marketing Seminar 2017

What do you really know about how marketing is used to shape the healthcare industry? In this years edition of the Master Marketing Seminar, the selected speakers elaborated on the marketing behind this billion euro industry. The healthcare industry in the Netherlands is considered one of the best in Europe and comprises a wide array of aspects that marketing can have a great impact on. The speakers for this event included best-selling author Karel Jan Alsem, who specializes in how hospitals compete for patients, and Martin van Mierloo, senior marketeer of the VGZ cooperation, who touched upon interesting aspects of healthcare and the insurance industry.

The event took place on Tuesday the 14th of March in the Puddingfabriek from 16.30-21.00. Dinner and drinks were included. 

Karel Jan Alsem 

Karel Jan Alsem is the author of the best-selling book “Zorgmarketing”, in which he gives advice to healthcare organisations about effective marketing strategies. Next to that, he is working at the department of Marketing of the University of Groningen. He is very enthusiastic about this topic and has a lot of insights to share with us.

Martin van Mierloo

Martin van Mierloo is senior marketeer at the VGZ cooperation. Cooperation VGZ performs health insurances for different brands, among them the VGZ label. Under their different brand names, they support around 4,2 million clients on their way towards good and affordable health care. He is the perfect person to talk about the role of marketing in the health insurance industry.

Jochem Hoekstralogo_zorgfocuz_web.png

Jochem Hoekstra is researcher and advisor at ZorgfocuZ BV. The mission of ZorgfocuZ is to provide healthcare institutions with the right tools to increase the quality of healthcare. He will talk about the marketing research part of marketing in the health industry. Jochem Hoekstra is the ideal person who will talk about another interesting angle of health and marketing.