Consumer behaviour and the effect this behaviour has, plays a gigantic role within marketing. That is why it is not surprising that marketing and psychology are getting more and more popular. Mind over Marketing is a relatively small event that focusses on marketing psychology. The event is ideal for students who are interested in marketing as well as psychology. The event consists of several lectures by interesting speakers.

This years Mind over Marketing took place on the 13th of February 2018. This event was fully English-spoken. 

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Mind over Marketing 2018: Buy now or Cry later!

Buy now or cry later! Often when you are shopping online, you see this slogan passing by, resulting in a temptation to buy which many cannot resist. But to what extent and why can you influence people with a slogan like this? In other words, since there are thousands of alternatives: Why do we buy the things we buy? The speakers will talk about subthemes like social selling, personalized shopping and consumer centricity to answer this question. Social selling means the process of developing relationships as part of the sales process. To achieve this important relationship between brand and customer, brands are personalizing the messages they send to their customers. So, brands are more and more centralizing the customer instead of centralizing the product they sell.

The event will take place on Tuesday the 13th of February at Bax Bier. This is an informal location where we will listen to the speakers whilst enjoying some beers.The event costs MARUG members 6 euros and non-members 8 euros. The price includes three drinks and a delightful dinner.

We are looking forward to the event and we are hoping to see you all on the 13th of February!


Sjoerd Gerritsen – Personal marketing and innovation

Sjoerd Gerritsen is an inspiring, entousiastic speaker with a lot of experience on fitting influencering marketing for every different company, Gen-Y entrepreneurship and personal marketing. Besides that Sjoerd is a Marketing professor at the Applied University of Rotterdam. Overthere he teaches the next generation of trendwatchers on how to come up with innovative ideas, because ‘Change is faster than ever’. If these two titels are not enough, we can tell you that Sjoerd is the author of the book ‘Future you’. This book is about Millennials which will be the next leaders of the world. It will discribe what is necessary for this generation to find their roles and dreams in life. Sjoerd will tell us how customer experience influences our economy.

Jeroen Veen – Social Media Coach

Jeroen Veen is Social Media Coach for entrepreneurs. He gives workshops and coaching sessions to employees of companies like Tommy Hilfiger, Huawei and Bang & Olufsen. to understand and reach the target audience. Besides that Jeroen is an Instagram Influencer, his network excists of 2.500.000 followers. He will tell us about social influence and social selling.

Jan-Willem Dockheer – Consumer centricity

Jan-Willem Dockheer is the general manager of Albert Heijn To Go in the Netherlands and Germany. Everyone knows their stores which are located on airports, rail, hospitals, universities, etcetera. Within Albert Heijn To Go Jan-Willem has a passion for outside-in focus, so seeing opportunities out there and connecting company departments efficiently together to create winning teams. Besides Albert Heijn Jan-Willem has experience in Alliance management, Marketing, Digital Communication & Sales and Change management by working for Philips. Jan-Willem will tell us about consumer centricity within Albert Heijn To Go.