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Do you want to learn more about Adobe Photoshop and InDesign? Then this course is what you’re looking for! The course is organized in collaboration with Mulder Opleidingen, certified in providing trainings and courses. The main language of the course is English and the sessions will take place at Zernike. Do you want to learn how to work with programs as Photoshop and InDesign and become a true digital designer?

During the course you will learn about these different aspects:

Lesson 1 – InDesign: You start with learning about the basics of print work and online design in InDesign. Thereafter, you will work on designing a poster, including texts, images and text fields.  

Lesson 2 – InDesign: Sometimes you need multiple pages in for example a brochure or program booklet. How do you make templates? And how do you create different color styles which you can use throughout your whole document? These questions will be answered in lesson 2.

Lesson 3 – InDesign/Photoshop: When you are creating a document, you often have to make adjustments to the images. During this lesson, you will learn how to adjust an image in Photoshop. How do you remove the background? How do you apply different effects? And how to eliminate imperfections in images?

Lesson 4 – Photoshop: During the last lesson, you will create your own logo from scratch! Where do you start and which tools do you need? Finally, you will use your own logo in InDesign, you will learn to place your own logo on a poster, how to adjust the quality and how to generate the final design.

Lesson 5 - Own creation: In this class you can work on a project chosen by yourself, at which you can apply the newly learned skills. So if you still want to upgrade your cv, this is the perfect opportunity!

This course will be given on the following dates:

- Monday 23/4 from 19h till 21h         5415.0031
- Monday 30/4 from 19h till 21h         5415.0031
- Monday 7/5 from 19h till 21h           5415.0031
- Monday 14/5 from 19h till 21h         5415.0031
- Tuesday 22/5 from 19h till 21h        5415.0031