General Description || Mind over Marketing 2018

General Description

Consumer behaviour and its effects play a gigantic role within marketing. So, it is not surprising that the combination of marketing and psychology is getting more and more popular. The Mind over Marketing is a relatively small event that focuses on marketing psychology. The event is perfect for students who are intested in marketing and psychology. The event consists of several lectures by interesting speakers. This event is organized by the Mind over Marketing committee

This years Mind over Marketing will take place on the 4th of December 2018

Mind over Marketing 2018

Buy now or cry later! Often when you are shopping online, you see this slogan passing by, resulting in a temptation to buy which many cannot resist. But to what extent and why can you influence people with a slogan like this? In other words, since there are thousands of alternatives: Why do we buy the things we buy? The speakers of this year's Mind over Marketing talked about subthemes like social selling, personalized shopping and consumer centricity and tried to answer this question. Social selling means the process of developing relationships as part of the sales process. To achieve this important relationship between brand and customer, brands are personalizing the messages they send to their customers. So, brands are more and more centralizing the customer instead of centralizing the product they sell.