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Meet the new candidate PR and Promotion – Rianne Thomas

Hi everyone! 

My name is Rianne Thomas and I will be fulfilling the position of PR and Promotion within the next MARUG Board. Currently, I am 21 years old and I usually spend my time with my friends sharing laughs and chatter. Three years ago, I moved from Amersfoort to Groningen to start my studies in Business Administration. After two fantastic years in Groningen and my exchange semester in Lisbon, I am currently on the verge of finishing my bachelor’s degree. Therefore, I felt like taking on a new challenge before continuing my studies with a master’s degree. The position of PR and Promotion was definitely what I was looking for!  

I am a member of the MARUG since my first year in Groningen. I was never an active member, but I have always heard good stories from my friends who were active members. After a coffee with Sam, I knew this is what I wanted. Therefore, I also planned coffees with Hidde, Annegreeth, and Carine. Their great enthusiasm in their stories about their board year made me very excited to apply. They told me about the trips they had taken, the people they had met, and the great deal of new experiences they had professionally. It was my coffee with Annegreeth that threw me over the edge and I applied for the position of PR and Promotion.  

A few weeks ago I received the wonderful news that I had been chosen to fulfill the position as PR and Promotion in the MARUG Board 2024-2025. It marked the beginning of a new adventure and I am so excited to run the MARUG together with my fellow board members!