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ComMa 2022

ComMa 2022

The ComMa Congress is an event organized in cooperation with Commotion, the study association for Communication and Information Sciences. The ComMa Congress is especially interesting for students who are interested in marketing and communication because both worlds will be connected. This one-day event includes lectures and workshops in which approximately 80 students will participate. This committee offers an ideal opportunity to broaden your horizons to other disciplines and to get to know people from other faculties. The ComMa Congress 2022 will take place on Thursday, October 13. The theme of this year's ComMa Congress will be announced in September. Last year's theme was Emotional Marketing. How brands target our emotions. 

For six months you will be involved in the organization of the ComMa Congress, which takes place in October. Together with four other students of the faculty CIW or FEB, you are responsible for coming up with a creative theme that covers both subjects: Marketing and Communication. In addition, you will make contact with suitable people and companies for lectures and workshops for this one-day event. You will spend approximately 6 hours per week on this committee. 

In these six months, you will get to know both the MARUG and Commotion. At the end of your committee period, you will have organized a small congress and learned to deal with the responsibilities that come with your own position.


  • 5 committee members

  • Open for international students

  • Application deadline: February

  • Period March - October

  • Workload 6 hours per week

ComMa committee 2022

Chairman: Feline Bakker 

External Relations: Julia Howe 

Treasurer and Day Organisation: Maria Kutepova

Theme and Speakers: Jim te Loo 

PR and Promotion: Natalie Voo

Interested? For more information about this committee or one of the other ones, you can contact Robien Akkerman. Or apply directly! You can apply by sending your motivation letter and CV to, including two functions of preference!

Joining the committee

6-8h per week

Application for this committee is closed.

  • Bakker, F. (Féline)

    Bakker, F. (Féline)
  • Kutepova, M. (Maria)

    Kutepova, M. (Maria)
  • Loo, te, J. (Jim)

    Loo, te, J. (Jim)
  • Voo, N. (Natalie)

    Voo, N. (Natalie)
  • Howe, J. (Julia)

    Howe, J. (Julia)