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Recruitment Days 2022

Recruitment Days 2022

The Recruitment Days is a three-day event which takes place in the beginning of december and that attracts over 500 students from the faculty of economics and business. The Recruitment Days is the biggest recruitment event for students in the North of the Netherlands. The Recruitment Days offers students the opportunity to get in touch with multiple companies and their potential employees as each year the event is visited by 40 companies. During the event there will be several activities to accomplish the aforementioned. Activities such as company presentations, interactive workshops, individual talks, business lunches & dinners help both students and companies to get to know each other. In other words, this event offers the perfect opportunity to discover the labour market and to find your desired internship, traineeship, or job! The Recruitment days are organized in collaboration with the EBF. If you are interested in organizing the Recruitment Days, click here!

This year, the Recruitment Days take place on 6, 7, and 8 December and the mainpartner is Deloitte. For more information please visit the website of the Recruitment Days.

The Recruitment Days Board of 2022 consists of:

Chairman: Hester van der Gaag

Commercial Relations I / Vice-Chairman: Laurin Westera

Commercial Relations II / Day Organisation: Alieke Haanstra

Treasurer / Commercial Relations III: Roos Douma

Secretary & Logistics / Commercial Relations IV: Claudia de Wit

Public Relations & Promotion: Lotte Slager

Interested? For more information about this committee or one of the other ones, you can contact Robien Akkerman. Or apply directly! You can apply by sending your motivation letter and CV to, including two functions of preference!

  • 6 committee members

  • Open for international students

  • Application deadline: 5th of March

  • Period: March - December

  • Workload 24 hours per week

Joining the committee

Application for this committee is closed.

  • Westera, L. (Laurin)

    Westera, L. (Laurin)
  • Wit, de, C. (Claudia)

    Wit, de, C. (Claudia)
  • Slager, L. (Lotte)

    Slager, L. (Lotte)
  • Gaag, van der, H. (Hester)

    Gaag, van der, H. (Hester)
  • Haanstra, A. (Alieke)

    Haanstra, A. (Alieke)
  • Douma, R. (Roos)

    Douma, R. (Roos)