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Conference Day Organization 2023

Conference Day Organization 2023

As the MARUG Conference Day Organisation comittee you help organising the biggest student marketing conference in the Netherlands. Every year the event is visited by approximately 500 students and business participants. The day consists of keynotespeakers and workshops related to a relevant theme in marketing. Previous themes were ‘’The Power of Human Connection - get attention by giving attention’’, ‘’Contagious Content’’ and ‘’The Jungle of Data’’. 

As a member of the Conference Day Organisation you will deliver an important contribution in the last months of preparation for the MARUG Conference. Your tasks will be to help the Conference Board with the organization and you can bring in your own input and ideas. You will get your own responsibilities and therefore you can give your own twist to the Conference. As a committee as a whole you’ll take care of the promotion day, the sponsoring and for example the catering at the event. Together with the Conference Board, you’ll make sure everything runs smoothly the 14th of March.

The Conference DO 2022 consisted of:

  • Laura Jeths
  • Noor Sanders
  • Rinske Heuker
  • Josien Meijer
  • Kim Strijkveen

The Day Organisation Committee consists of four people who fulfil the following positions.

  • Logistics. The function of Logistics is one of the most diverse positions in the committee. Your responsibilities include arranging a hotel for speakers, the transport during the day, a band who can perform at the conference. Furthermore you are responsible for the playground in collaboration with the function Promotion. To conclude you will be partnered with the function Day Organisation from the Conference Board.

  • Promotion. Within this function you will help the PR and Promotion of the Conference Board with the social media Policy. Furthermore you are responsible for the promotion stunt and the board clothes. Together with the function logistics you are responsible for the playground. To conclude you will be taking care of the promotional lecture tasks.   

  • Acquisition: At the function of Acquisition your main focus will be on two aspects within the Conference. First of all, you can help the two external relations of the Conference Board with their acquisition and communication with their partners. Secondly, it is your responsibility that the goody bag will be filled with sponsored products. Furthermore, you will be partly responsible (together with your fellow committee members) for the promotional stunt of the Conference. 

  • Media: The function of Media has the responsibility for making introductional videos for the speakers that are at the Conference on the day itself. Furthermore, you are responsible for all technical aspects during the day, including a technical script. This entails a time schedule for the lights, sounds and movies during the Conference itself. As mentioned before, you are also partly responsible for the organisation of the promotional stunt with your fellow committee members.

Interested? For more information about this committee or one of the other ones, you can contact Robien Akkerman. Or apply directly! You can apply by sending your motivation letter and CV to, including two functions of preference!

  • 4 committee members

  • Dutch speaking students only

  • Application deadline: 7th of October

  • Period October - April

  • Workload 8 hours per week

Joining the committee

6-8h per week

Application for this committee is closed.

  • Heuker, R. (Rinske)

    Heuker, R. (Rinske)
  • Sanders, N. (Noor)

    Sanders, N. (Noor)
  • Strijkveen, K. (Kim)

    Strijkveen, K. (Kim)
  • Jeths, L. (Laura)

    Jeths, L. (Laura)