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Promotion and Activities Committee 2022-2023

Promotion and Activities Committee 2022-2023

Instead of organising one specific big event, the promotion and activities committee is responsible for all the active members activities and the general promotion of the MARUG. This includes hosting a promotion stunt at the beginning of the year, organising two active members weekends, the PAC-jesavond, the active members day and to conclude the year the active members BBQ. Furthermore, you are the one that will be promoting and organising the monthly MARUG socials. As a member of the PAC, you are the creative brain of the MARUG! 

You will be meeting with your fellow committee members on a weekly basis to brainstorm about the upcoming activities and promotional ideas. At the end of the year, you will have learnt to take care of promotion and organising activities for our study association. You have learned to think creativily and to be actively involved with marketing. You will also have improved your own personal skills. Overall, the PAC is a great addition to your CV. 


  • 4 committee members

  • Open for international students

  • Application deadline: 2nd of September

  • Period September - June

  • Workload 4 hours per week

The Promotion and Activities Committee of 2021-2022 consisted of:

Simone Roorda

Joyce Lippus

Dominique van den Brekel

Interested? For more information about this committee or one of the other ones, you can contact Robien Akkerman. Or apply directly! You can apply by sending your motivation letter and CV to!

Joining the committee

4-6h per week

Application for this committee is closed.

  • Brekel, van den, D. (Dominique)

    Brekel, van den, D. (Dominique)
  • Roorda, S. (Simone)

    Roorda, S. (Simone)
  • Lippus, J. (Joyce)

    Lippus, J. (Joyce)