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Sustainable Marketing Event 2023

Sustainable Marketing Event 2023

The MARUG believes that sustainability is of great importance and is an unavoidable concept that is becoming more important every day. The purpose of this event is to increase the awareness of sustainability among students. This event will explore the link between marketing and sustainability. Within this theme, the committee can choose a sub-theme. Different companies will speak, who will elaborate on the chosen sub-theme.

In short, you will organise an event with the theme sustainability. Not only the topic of the event is sustainability, you will also make the organisation of the day as sustainable as possible. This means that the catering will be done with local food or you may decide to organise a vegan dinner. Also try to be as sustainable as possible in things like promotion (no flyers and posters or flyers and posters on sustainable paper). We hope you have some great ideas on how to be as sustainable as possible! You can think out of the box. 

As a member of the Sustainable Marketing Event Committee you will, together with three other enthusiastic students, organise an evening of lectures and entertainment related to sustainable marketing. The evening is concluded with a delicious sustainable dinner. Your committee consists of both Dutch and international students. 

So do you want to meet lots of new students and contribute to making the world a more sustainable place? Apply now!

  • 4 committee members 

  • Open for international students 

  • Application deadline: 11th of November

  • Period November - May

  • Workload 6 hours per week 

The SME committee of 2021-2022 consisted of:

Chairman: Neele Fuerst

Theme & Speakers: Hanna de Bièvre

Day organisation & Treasurer: Afke Muller

PR & Promotion: Jule Kirchner

Interested? For more information about this committee or one of the other ones, you can contact Robien Akkerman. Or apply directly! You can apply by sending your motivation letter and CV to, including two functions of preference! 


Joining the committee

6-8h per week

Application for this committee is closed.