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Commercial Night

We are excited to announce a new edition of Commercial Night! 

The event about all the trends and developments in online and television advertisment will take place on the 21st of September at 19:00. The location will be Huize Maas (Vismarkt 52). 

The theme will be: The power of short! Discover how short content is transforming the world of advertising and marketing! In today's fast-paced digital age, capturing attention is crucial, and businesses are using snackable videos, social media stories, and quick ads to make an impact. 

Commercial night will be a good opportunity to gain more knowledge about marketing and to get to know new people.

Tickets will be 6 euros for members and 8 euros voor non-members. Snacks and 2 free drinks are included in the price, and after the event you are all invited for an afterparty at 't Vaatje!

Join us the 21st of September for interesting conversations and drinks! See you then!