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International Marketing Experience

The MARUG International Marketing Experience offers both Dutch and international students the opportunity to do marketing-related research in a large European city. You will travel with 30 selected students and visit international companies and experience the cultural differences compared to the Netherlands. Several companies will provide us with interesting cases, masterclasses, or other interactive programs. Besides the company visits, there will be plenty of time to explore the city and visit cultural highlights. There will also be plenty of time during the evenings to explore the city! 

To ensure that everyone is well prepared, there will be a preparatory phase before the trip takes place. During this phase, there will be 6 lectures and 7 socials. The lectures will be given by marketing experts from different companies, who will share their insights on the theme of the trip. We will also work on some interesting business cases. The socials are organized to ensure that all students get to know each other before departure. Most lectures and socials will take place on Monday evenings, but sometimes they will be scheduled on a Thursday evening. There are no extra assignments or research bound to the preparatory program, you are only expected to be actively present during the evenings. Back in the Netherlands, there will be a reunion drink. The International Marketing Experience is organized by the IME committee. 

In previous years, the IME has hosted visits to Milan, Lisbon, Vienna, Barcelona, Prague, Istanbul, Rome, Budapest, Madrid and Prague. Companies that have participated in the IME include Heineken, TNT, Unilever, Ogilvy, The Royal Bank of Scotland, KLM, and many others. Keep an eye on the site and socials for new updates on the next IME! Because you don't want to miss this experience!

Previous IME: Prague

15-22 April 2023, the International Marketing Experience took place in Prague! 

During this IME international companies related to the theme ‘Shaping your future’ were visited.