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MARUG Conference

The MARUG Marketing Conference is the biggest student marketing event of the Netherlands and attracts around 350 participants each year including students, academics, alumni and business participants. This year, the 35th edition will take place. During this one-day event, students and companies with a passion for marketing will come together to exchange ideas and interesting matters related to marketing and the theme of the day.

During this day, there will be speakers from different companies who will share their knowledge about marketing and how they apply marketing in their organisation. In the afternoon there will be different workshops and master classes all related to the theme of the day, where you can get in touch with many different companies. Furthermore, there are several recruitment opportunities in the form of lunch or business dates to connect students with companies. And ofcourse there will be plenty of time to have a drink, talk to speakers or recruiters and have fun with entertaining activities during the breaks. It promises to be a very interesting and above all inspiring day!

The next edition of the MARUG Marketing Conference will be held on Tuesday the 12th of March 2024 and will be conducted in English. Visit the MARUG Conference website to keep up to date with the MARUG Conference. 

Conference 2024

This year's theme is: 'The Tide of Technology: New Heights, Deeper Insights'. This theme provides you with insightful information on how modern technologies such as generative AI have found their way into the marketing sector and how this has changed the boundaries of strategy. The 'customer journey' will be thoroughly discussed based on various sub-themes.

Ron Simpson will be the chair of the day together with interesting speakers such as P&G, META, Salesforce and OpenAI. Visit the MARUG Conference website for more information!