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The Marketing Association of the University of Groningen is an inter-departmental study association for students in the field of Economics, Business Administration, Communication Sciences and Psychology, which acts as an intermediary between marketing theory and marketing practice. MARUG was founded in 1981 by prof. dr. P.S.H. Leeflang, professor at the marketing department of the faculty of Economics & Business Studies at the University of Groningen.

The main goal of MARUG is to facilitate the exchange of marketing knowledge and experience, by offering various activities. In order to realize this, contact with the university and its students on the one hand, and contact with business life on the other hand are managed strongly. Currently,  MARUG has 1400 members. A typical MARUG member would be an active, social, intelligent and enthusiastic student who is willing to broaden his or her marketing knowledge in addition to his or her studies. Besides, a large number of scientists and working professionals are connected to MARUG.  MARUG comprises 11 committees and two financially independent foundations. MARUG is part of the Marketing Association of the Netherlands (MAN), together with Marketing Associations from Amsterdam, Maastricht, Rotterdam and Tilburg.
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